Download the SkySweeper 3.13 (8,974,168 Bytes) Demo / Update now. Setup will be started by unzipping the archive and running SETUP.EXE. Please, download also the SkySweeper reference manual (not included in the installation).

PLEASE NOTE that this product was discontinued on June 1st 2009. These downloads are only for existing Registered Customers

Support ended on January 1st 2011. All customers who are registered will still be able to receive new activation for all versions.Please read these instructions before making a new Registration Card (regcard.txt). Remember to advise us if you change your email address so that we may send news of any updates to this announcement.

If you want to upgrade your current SkySweeper version, please follow the instructions above (the procedure is the same than with the first installation). Do not remove the previous registered SkySweeper version  from control panel before installing the new one.

Full Installation Disk

Reference Manual

SkySweeper Standard - Disk 1
(Disk 1 of 9, 1,457,664 Bytes)

SkySweeper Standard - Disk 3
(Disk 3 of 9, 1,457,664 Bytes)

SkySweeper Standard - Disk 5
(Disk 5 of 9, 1,457,664 Bytes)

SkySweeper Standard - Disk 7
(Disk 7 of 9, 71,363 Bytes)

SkySweeper Standard - Parity File
(Disk 9 of 9, 1,156,736 Bytes)

SkySweeper Standard - Disk 2
(Disk 2 of 9, 1,457,664 Bytes)

SkySweeper Standard - Disk 4
(Disk 4 of 9, 1,457,664 Bytes)

SkySweeper Standard - Disk 6
(Disk 6 of 9 1,457,664 Bytes)

SkySweeper Standard - Parity Check File
(Disk 8 of 9 2,304 Bytes)


Notes for the small download files


Download all Disks 1 - 7 into a temporary directory (Folder)
Double-click on Disk 1 (SkySweStd.part1.exe) and installation will commence

Only if you suspect a corrupt file, download Disks 8 and 9 (the Parity files); to use these, you need
Download Quickpar - run it and associate PAR2 files (and PAR and SFV if you like) as offered
Now, double click on SkySweStd.par2 and you can check your RAR files.
WinRAR comes from The Home of WinRAR


Release Notes for Version 3.13

Changes in the SkySweeper version 3.13 (released 08.03.2008) compared to the SkySweeper version 3.12.


Version 3.13 does not need new activation code if you have registered
3.x standard version.

- New generation MIL-STD-188-141A ALE decoder

Bug Fixes
- SITOR-A character repetition problem fixed
- HFDL position report problem fixed
- Several bug fixes to HFFAX