SkySpy Version 2.55

(NOTE: Please be patient as the page contains a lot of important information including screenshots, providing an excellent insight into the program environment, capabilities etc. It IS worth the wait)

SkySpy is a software program combining a decoder and a database in order to decode ACARS transmissions, the digital data link between commercial aircraft and ground stations. It carries information on schedules , weather, emergency conditions, aircraft performance and status and private messages. All this at reasonable and affordable prices!!

Minimum Requirements

To receive and decode ACARS data packets you will need:

  • An AM airband receiver
  • A Pervisell Demodulator
  • PC running Windows 95 or Windows 98 (Pentium recommended)
  • SkySpy software program


    Installing and running this program could not be much easier and simpler. Buy the software program from Pervisell for ONLY 24.99 inc. VAT and postage. The demodulator, if required, is separately available from Pervisell. All that you need to do is connect the demodulator to COM1 or COM2 of your PC and the other end to the airband receiver. Software installation is easily accomplished by simple on-screen installations and is complete in a few minutes!

    Main Features

    This remarkable program's wide range of capabilities and features include:

  • Decode and extract aircraft registration, message and aircraft number
  • Reliable detection of transmission errors
  • Open multiple browse windows
  • Logging of raw packet display
  • Real time monitor window for raw packet data display
  • Browse database while receiving new packets
  • Logging of decoded messages to Microsoft Access compatible database
  • Sort/browse windows on any field
  • UTC date/time included with all logged data
  •   Why is SkySpy so different from other ACARS TM programs?

    1. Skyspy is a Windows 95/98 program - it will not run from DOS or Windows 3.X. It makes full use of the Windows 95/98 environment utilising maximum resources available and can be run as a 'background' application.

    2. Some other programs use the sound card, but the results are either very good or very bad, depending on the sound card compatibility with the program. SkySpy uses the Pervisell Demodulator which works with at least six other major programs.

    3. SkySpy filters out duplicated and corrupted messages. This means that instead of megabytes of 'rubbish', a file with only genuine and uncorrupted data is produced.

    4. SkySpy is not just a decoder - it is a decoder which will detect many corrupted messages that other decoders are just not designed to do.

    5. SkySpy stores decoded messages in a database format compatible to Microsoft Access 95 or later versions. It can run concurrently with MS Access and as an experienced Access user, you can create reports customised to your very own requirements. Many other applications can read the skyspy files but you may not be able to run alternative applications concurrently. If you are one of the many users who leave SkySpy running while at work then you will just love this facility.

    6. SkySpy is professionally designed but not professionally priced. At 24.99, this software is remarkable value for money providing excellent quality. This program is the leader in ACARSTM monitoring.


    NEW in Version 2.55 (See the update page for more info)

    a) Minor addition: when you select a Com Cort there is now a warning message to tell you that selecting the wrong port could disable the mouse or other device. The warning can be disabled.

    b) Change: the list window for browsing the messages in the database has been completely redesigned from the inside. You can now scroll through the whole database using the vertical scrollbar and the range and the position of the slider reflects the whole database and the relative position. Performance while scrolling around is much improved and memory usage is significantly reduced. If you had a few ten thousands records it could have taken minutes to position to a specific record. So browsing is easier, faster and uses much less memory.

    c) The selected message is now inverted thru all columns instead of only the leftmost column.

    d) The list window can now be sorted on any column in ascending or descending order. Sort order is reversed by clicking the same column header again.

    e) Flights window: a new window to show a list of all flight numbers in the database plus the date&time it was first and last heard.

    f) Registrations window: same as flights window but for aircraft registration numbers.

    g ) DDE server: provides links to work with the "Flight Database" program from Rainford for immediate lookup of aircraft data, AirNav, Log Analyser and Wacars. Please check with Bernard Ecclestone for Flight Database latest version number.

    There is also a screen shot showing DDE link

    Please note that this version of SkySpy will only support the LATEST version of Flight Database.

    The various screenshots on this page help to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of the software and can show you the user friendly working environment, different functions available and the operation of the software.

    How to Contact Us

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